We are a volunteer-run, weekly farmers market that serves the Lander community from June to October. We feature produce, meat, eggs, dairy, flowers, baked goods, cottage foods, and crafts locally produced in Fremont County.


Our Vision is that the Lander Valley has a robust and diverse local foods economy.

Our Mission is to provide and promote locally produced food in a welcoming community gathering space.

Mercedes Letender

Mercedes Rae relocated to Riverton, WY, in 2021. In the short time since, she has successfully opened her own all-natural dog treat business, Canine Kitchen of Riverton, volunteered as a Marketing Liaison, and was appointed Market Manager of the Riverton Wednesday Farmers Market in June 2022. Utilizing her skills in sales, brand marketing, and a passion for event planning, the RWFM saw great success last season. Mercedes is eager to join our team and is confident her flare and dedication will bring continued success to the LVFM as well! She knows that a well-balanced life includes hard work, networking, personal connections, and self-care. In her free time, you can most always find Mercedes spending time with her Great Dane, Augustus Henry. They enjoy hiking new trails, visiting the neighbor’s farm, and playing endless amounts of fetch.

Chair - Tobey Schmidt

Tobey Schmidt is a volunteer board member for the Lander Valley Farmers Market, helping out with social media marketing and photography. Tobey is passionate about local, sustainable agriculture. She believes that when folks support their local farmers and ranchers everyone wins — the local economy grows, the community's food security becomes stronger, there is less of a harsh impact on the environment, and the town is richer — good food = gold! When Tobey isn't working or volunteering she's either spending time playing outside, or more likely in her sewing room making things from natural materials like linen, canvas and leather.

Vice Chair - Ethan Page

Ethan is the farm manager for the Wind River Farm Business Incubator program run by Central Wyoming College. He is dedicated to growing the local food economy in and around Fremont County by educating new farmers and supporting those already in business. He believes that the farmers market is critical to supporting local producers and building resilience within the community. When not volunteering on the LVFM board, he can be found outside at the farm, hiking, biking, rafting, or hanging with his wife and 2 dogs.

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Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Nick Hunkerstorm

Amongst his various interests and family obligations, Nick Hunkerstorm has somehow managed to create and operate a year-round microfarm in a small space off his garage. He grows specialty mushrooms and microgreens on a weekly basis, and dabbles in other produce during the summer months. Nick has served as the Lander Valley Farmer's Market board treasurer since Feb. 2020.

Board Member - Jeff Ballou

Jeff grows lots of cucumbers and makes excellent pickles with his wife.

Board Member - Linda Williamson

Linda is a functional nutritionist with a focus on digestive wellness and a passion for nutrient-dense food. She believes that a vibrant local food economy is the foundation for sustaining healthy individuals, resilient communities, and the natural environment. Linda serves active outdoors-people through her private practice, fermentation workshops, personal chefing, and cooking real food for community-based endurance events. When she’s not working, you’ll likely find Linda learning to farm in her backyard, running and climbing in nearby mountains, or whipping up a local feast to share with friends.

See you at the market!

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